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As ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund [RMCTF,] Henry Cavill will be participating in the Gibraltar Rock Run that will take place on Saturday 25 October and will celebrate 350 years of the Royal Marines.

To support the RMCTF, Henry has an on-going fundraising campaign where fans can sponsor him for the run and leave a message of support as well. Henry’s campaign has raised a total of £2,055.81 [$3425.75] with a £20,000.00 [$33,000+] goal, thanks to a lot of his fans and supporters. If you wish to sponsor Mr. Cavill for the run and support the RMCTF, go to Henry Cavill’s JustGiving page [the link is also on the blog’s side bar.]

BBC Plymouth writer and broadcaster David FitzGerald recently confirmed Mr. Cavill’s appearance at the Gilbraltar Rock Run event as special guest in October. 

On another news, HenryCavillNews announced today their RMCTF t-shirt challenge. Check out the full article here and stay tuned for more exclusive Dawn of Justice on-set images by HCN.

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Misha Collins on Whose Line is it Anyway?


"Henry was an absolute dream to work with–he has to be the most patient, calm and professional man on the planet. He never complained, even after fittings that lasted four and a half hours, or working in 100 degree heat in the cornfields of Illinois. I think the toughest thing for my team was not to be distracted by Henry’s perfection–he really is an incredible specimen of humanity!"

- Michael Wilkinson, costume designer for Man of Steel


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